Love sailing? Want to maximize your time on the water, meet new people who share your passion for wind-powered transportation, sail to new and interesting places with wicked post-race dock parties, and work on getting really really fast?  Our Race Team is definitely the place for you! 

New for the fall of 2019, we are now running a graduated racing program giving more opportunity for our more advanced crew to keep pushing their skill development and become more competitive, while opening up room for our rookie team members to take things easy while they figure out the ins and outs of what this racing thing is all about. Meet Team Peanut Butter (advanced crew) and Jelly (new crew), together making a perfect sandwich with a positive learning environment for all levels!

Part of the 2016 Race Team, post-Round Salt Spring Race in May.
  • Be part of an awesome, friendly team where attitude and enthusiasm is way more important than experience.

  • Enjoy an equal opportunity environment where you’ll get a chance to be in every racing position on the boat.

  • Receive ongoing coaching from Sea to Sky Sailing skippers and guest experts, so you can continue developing your sailing skills under all sorts of different conditions.

  • Manage your racing calendar easily with our team app!


You want more? Sure!

  • Access early registration for all Racing Events. We have a maximum of 8 spots available in each race (varies per race), so being the first to register is crucial to getting on board. If you're not on the Team, you may be left on the dock for some of the most popular (and most fun!) events of the year.

  • Get 15% off registration for all Racing Events on our schedule.

  • Get 5% off all our training courses and adventure cruises.

  • FREE Wednesday Night Racing through the summer!

  • FREE Sunday Racing through the winter!

  • Receive invitations to social events and the annual awards night.

AND... look snazzy while doing all of this in your own Sea to Sky Sailing Crew Shirt!


Annual membership = $115*

*Young adults ages 16-25 get our standard 20% off, making annual membership just $90.

Race Team membership is only available to Sea to Sky Sailing students or by special application.

Contact us to learn more.

Our Racing Events are open to anyone who meets our basic prerequisites (varies by event).  BUT, if you are really keen on racing, you'll find our Race Team is an excellent place to get started and gives you extremely high value with a low breakeven threshold.  As a Race Team Member, your savings on 1 day race and 1 multi-day race more than cover the cost of annual membership!  Not to mention the coveted Crew Shirts!

Questions?  Get in touch for more information on the Race Team program, or to access our youth discount.

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