Teamwork is the real key to any good racing boat, and we work hard to train our sailors in every position on board so they can operate as a mean, lean racing team. It is hard to find opportunities to learn about tactics, helming, spinnaker trim and other positions in a race crew when you are sailing with experienced, competitive people who have already specialized in these positions.  

Learn To Race with Sea to Sky Sailing and you will be involved in every aspect of racing, turning you into a better sailor and coveted crew member.  

Added Bonus

After-race social events are notoriously fun! You will get to meet and mingle with other race crews at the various dock parties, swapping stories and becoming part of the sailing community.  

flexibility of short courses

Short on time but big on enthusiasm to learn to sail?  Learning to race in our Quicker Crew course is the way to get started. Once you have this 12 hour course under your belt, you can move on to Spinnaker School (6 hours) and then join our friendly Race Team to really maximize your time on the water.


Introduction to Racing: Quicker Crew

Quicker Crew is the entry level of our Learn To Race program.  Trim the jib and main like a champ, roll tack, and be part of an efficient rookie race crew.  

You will learn the basics of sailing and working together as a crew, alongside some basic racing rules, tactics and general knowledge to help on the race course.  

After taking this course, you can join us for drop-in Wednesday night racing from June through September!

You can also keep building your skills by progressing to our Spinnaker School, a one day workshop where you learn to harness the power of the pretty parachute-like sail.  

Prerequisites: No experience required for the Quicker Crew course.

20% off for ages 16-25.  Contact us to access this discount.

Read the course detail page for info on times, etc.

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Spinnaker School

Spinnakers are beautiful to look at, and a nightmare to handle if you're unsure about what you're doing!  In our Spinnaker School, you will learn all the basics of this colourful, speed-enhancing sail, preparing you to be part of a fully crewed race boat flying downwind with your spinnaker up.  

Spinnaker School is run as a 1 day workshop, meaning you may want to attend more than once to really nail down your skills.  We focus on using the spinnaker in a racing environment but we are not racing during Spinnaker School itself, just simulating race conditions to encourage precise and quick handling of this powerful sail. 

Prerequisites: Quicker Crew or equivalent experience required.  

20% off for ages 16-25.

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Sunday Winter Racing

We keep the pedal down over the winter by participating in some casual club racing on Sundays from late September through to early March.  Weekend winter racing is the best way to keep developing sailing skills in the off-season without freezing! Races are reasonably short, and often followed by hot chowder or chilli enjoyed at the neighbouring yacht club.   

Sunday sailing is FREE for Sea to Sky Sailing Race Team Members... and currently only available if you're on the team!    

Prerequisites: Quicker Crew or equivalent experience is required before participating in Sunday Winter Racing.  Spinnaker School is strongly recommended.


Wednesday Night Summer Racing

Racing on Wednesday nights from June through September is a great opportunity to keep sailing and continue building your skills on the water.  Wednesday Night Racing hosted by a neighbouring yacht club offers friendly competition and a great BBQ dinner afterwards for socializing with other keen sailors.  

Wednesday Night Racing is FREE for Sea to Sky Sailing Race Team Members... and currently only available if you're on the team!    

Prerequisites: Quicker Crew or equivalent experience is required before participating.  Spinnaker School is strongly recommended.