Course Overview

Quicker Crew is a short entry level course to get you out on the water and learning the fundamentals of being a good racing crew member.  We introduce you to the very basics of racing on a keelboat, helping you learn to work as a team around the race course.  You will get to rotate through positions, learning a bit about what it takes to trim the jib, trim the main, helm the boat, run the pit and think about tactics.  We also cover basic racing rules, tactics and other general knowledge that is essential to racing safely and quickly. 

All instruction takes place on board to maximize the time spent sailing and developing practical skills.  No classroom time, just active learning and fun sailing!

Once you've completed the Quicker Crew course, you are invited to join the Sea to Sky Sailing team and/or hop aboard for the exciting events on our racing calendar.  You can also carry on your training by attending our Spinnaker School 1-day workshops.


Saturdays & Sundays, 9:30am - 2:30pm


Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 1:30pm - 7:30pm

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20% discount available for ages 16-25.  
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No experience necessary.
Open to ages 16 & up.
Maximum of 5 students.

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Course Objectives

Students will understand the basics of keelboat racing and demonstrate knowledge of race crew work:

  • Fundamental rules of racing, basics of race organization and introduction to tactics.

  • Sail trim for the jib and main.

  • Basic helming skills (yes, you will get to drive the boat!).

  • Situational awareness and emergency preparedness.

  • Crew teamwork and communication.

Note that this course does not cover use of the spinnaker- an essential sail for racing.  To learn to use the spinnaker, join us for Spinnaker School once you've completed Quicker Crew or have equivalent experience.


This unique curriculum gives you plenty of fun and useful experience.  This is not a formal certificate course.  Mileage gained on the course can be added to your logbook and signed off by your instructor.

If you are a beginner looking to learn how to sail more generally or to start getting sailing certification, you may want to consider our Competent Crew course which follows the Royal Yachting Association standards, providing much more detail on all the essential sailing skills.

What to Bring?

Please bring your own lunch for weekend courses.  For weeknight courses you should either eat before you join the boat, bring a substantial snack to keep you going, or be prepared for a late dinner after sailing. Please review the required and recommended items listed for day sailing on our FAQ page here.



We start and finish each day at our home port in West Vancouver at 5750 Eagle Harbour Road OR next door at Thunderbird Marina depending on which boat in our fleet you will be using. You will be sent directions specific to your course within 2 weeks of your course start date.

By Public Transit
Bus #250 between downtown Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay offers access with a stop at Eagle Harbour Road.  5 minute walk from the bus stop to the club.

By Car
Free parking on the street around the corner from the club lot.  Please do not park in the club parking lot as it is reserved for members and you will be towed.

By Bicycle
Marine Drive is a popular cycle route although does not have much of a shoulder on many parts of the road.  There are plenty of secure locations to lock your bicycle while sailing.  

What's Next?

Join us for Spinnaker School to advance to the next stage of becoming a race crew member.  With Quicker Crew under your belt, you are also invited to join the Sea to Sky Sailing Race Team for drop-in sailing on Wednesday nights, big racing events throughout the year, and discounts on any other programs with Sea to Sky Sailing.  You can also have a change of pace and join us for our in-depth Royal Yachting Association certification courses, giving you the full arsenal of skills to become a great sailor.

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