Sea to Sky Sailing takes you to amazing places where you will have the time of your life.  

The only question is... do you want to go fast or take it easy?

Cruising Adventures

Our Cruising Adventures provide leisurely explorations around some beautiful parts of British Columbia.  We anchor in secret coves, sail up majestic fjords, and go ashore to roam coastal trails.  You will be an active member of the crew, while we sail through some of the most beautiful parts of the BC coast.   Think of it as a boat-camping adventure holiday!

Racing Events

Our Racing Events take a different tack (pun intended). Whether you join us for a local day race or embark on an epic offshore adventure, you will become part of our crew and be challenged to sail better, faster and farther.  We run an active, friendly Race Team for those who want to join us for more than one event!  With several major events each year, there is plenty to keep the avid sailor busy!

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