We offer a step-by-step sailing education following the highest training standards under the International Yacht Training (IYT) certification program.  Sea to Sky Sailing takes you through three levels of IYT training including the International Certificate of Competency (ICC).  Our experienced instructors are passionate about giving students the best opportunities to learn in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.  Students complete our courses with valuable practical experience and plenty of confidence gained from our high quality, hands-on approach to learning.

We also offer plenty of mileage-building opportunities along the way to raise you from rookie crew member to master & commander of your own boat!

You can enter our training program at whatever level makes sense for you given your previous sailing experience- just make sure to check the pre-requisites for the higher levels. Contact us if you have any questions about any of our Learn to Sail programs and which one is right for you.  


Learn to Sail Level 1: Competent Crew

The Competent Crew course is exactly what it sounds like! We introduce you to sailing and help you become a knowledgeable, confident and competent crewmember to have on board. In this 5-day course (day sailing only, not live-aboard), you will learn all the terminology, knots and actions to take as the crew for tacking, gybing, and sailing from A to B.  Read the Course Details page for the full curriculum. 

At the end you will have completed the IYT International Crew Certification, with 5 days at sea and roughly 100 nautical miles under your belt.  You will be ready to head out on the water with friends or family as a more confident and useful crew member, gaining a bit more experience before entering the Day Skipper program.

None! This is our entry level Learn to Sail course, no experience required.

5 days of on-the-water training, returning home each night.
5 students maximum.

Open to ages 16+
20% off for ages 16-25

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Learn to Sail Level 2: Day Skipper

During the Day Skipper course, we give you the tools to safely take command of a boat on your own.  You will build on the skills learned as Competent Crew and gained in some 'extracurricular' mileage building in between courses.  Here you learn to take your crew from A to B without hitting C in between or getting lost and ending up at D.  

In this course you are working towards the IYT International Bareboat Skipper standard and the International Certificate of Competency (ICC).  The ICC is now accepted by Transport Canada in lieu of the Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC), making it an extremely valuable addition to the certification you receive (more on this in our course details page).  Obtaining the IYT and ICC certification requires passing a written exam and a practical assessment, as well as meeting all pre and co-requisites.  This standard aims to give you the knowledge to safely and confidently charter a boat anywhere in the world and sail it during the day within 20 nautical miles of shore.  

10 days at sea
200 nautical miles
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VHF restricted operator's certificate (VHF-ROC)

5 days live-aboard training
5 students maximum

Open to ages 18+
20% off for ages 18-25

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Learn to Sail Level 3: Yachtmaster Coastal

Yachtmaster Coastal is an advanced course under the International Yacht Training program.  It offers intensive training to take you from a beginner level skipper to one who can confidently plan and execute longer coastal cruises, navigate safely at night, and escape even farther by sail.  On top of all the knowledge and skills gained from the Day Skipper level, students must have considerable additional sailing experience... check our Adventures section for plenty of opportunities to wrack up the miles!

Check the course details page for full information or contact us to get started.

2019 Dates

July 17-21, 2019
September 18-22, 2019

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30 days at sea
800 nautical miles
12 hours on watch at night
2 days as skipper
... and more!

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5 days live aboard training
5 students maximum

Open to ages 18+
20% off for ages 18-25