Sea to Sky Sailing is dedicated to encouraging more young adults to start and stick with sailing.  

We offer a one of a kind Youth Apprenticeship Program, discounts on all programs, all the time for ages 16-25, and high quality training from instructors who all made the leap from being kids playing in dinghies to professional skippers on yachts.

Sailing offers an amazing breadth of experiences that can truly benefit anyone who gets involved in this rewarding sport. Sailors build broad skills such as leadership, teamwork, patience, resourcefulness, critical thinking, and problem solving.  We also develop specific skills in applied physics (sail trim, loads, etc.), practical mathematics (wind angles, course calculations, etc.), navigation, mechanics and the elusive yet invaluable art of real conversations without Google or Wikipedia being on hand for immediate reference. 

It's never too late to start!

For those young adults who never had the opportunity to sail early on, we offer the perfect environment to try out sailing for the first time.  Young students new to sailing will find themselves in a supportive environment, and will make the transition into the sport easily and with plenty of fun along the way.

A bridge into bigger boats

Plenty of kids enjoy summer sailing camps, youth regattas and lots of other sailing activities in dinghies.  But they are left adrift once they finish their structured sailing levels or are too old for summer camp.  

We help young adults transition from dinghy sailing into yacht sailing, building on the great skills learned in kids summer camps and helping young adults stay involved in the sport.  

  • Our instructors all come from a dinghy sailing and coaching background, helping us provide training with an understanding eye to the challenges faced during the transition to bigger boats.
  • We offer a structured program through both cruising and racing streams to help dinghy sailors continue building their sailing skills in this new environment- in whatever direction they want to go.  
  • We are working with various youth sailing programs in the Vancouver area to help build tailor-made training programs for their students / members.


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