Quicker Crew students sail to victory!

We've wrapped up our first Quicker Crew course of 2016, successfully launching our students into the sailing world.  Our students joined this introductory two-day course with no prior sailing experience but left with a lot of new skills and even a race win under their belts!  

The Quicker Crew course is designed so students get one full training day to start with.  Regardless of whether they already know how to sail or are brand new to the sport, the training day ensures they are sailing safely and gets the crew working smoothly together as a cohesive team.  

I’d wanted to get sailing for ages, but had no idea how to start and no boat of my own. Katy’s class was a perfect introduction. Her instruction was incredibly patient and helpful, even in the midst of crazy conditions. I learned a ton in the two-day course, and came away confident that I’ll be sailing for a long time.
— Andrew, Quicker Crew student

The second day of the course is where we put all that training to work.  We compete in a local club race (i.e. a fun, low key event) where our student crew gets to practice close quarter maneuvers and learn a bit about tactics, racing rules and other finer points of sailing in a race.  After racing we join the other racing crews for a hot lunch at the host club- the perfect way to wrap up a chilly yet beautiful day on the water!

Check out the highlight reel of our January Quicker Crew race day...

Technically this was our second attempt at the race day portion of the course.  The first attempt was on an extremely windy day that was a bit too extreme for our small crew of beginners!

The Quicker Crew course offers the most economical way of trying out sailing to see if it will be a lifelong passion for you as it is for so many people.   Although the focus is on racing, the skills we teach are valuable regardless of what kind of sailing you want to pursue... and our real emphasis is always on fun and building confidence (while keeping you safe!).  

We also aim to introduce students to other race crews in the hopes that they will be able to make a place for themselves in the sailing community and keep involved after their course is finished.  Quicker Crew is also the starting point for joining the Sea to Sky Race Team... more details coming soon about this awesome new project that we are really, really, really excited about!!

Our winter Quicker Crew courses run certain weekends through until early March.  We then have a break in the racing schedule before starting up weeknight Quicker Crew courses at the end of April.  See full course info and winter dates here.