Sailing Apprentice Program: 2016 Recruitment

Are you going to be our next Sailing Apprentice? 

Or do you know a young adult who should be? 

Sea to Sky Sailing is dedicated to helping interested young adults build the skills necessary for them to sail anywhere in the world as professional crew, skippers, instructors or as super-wicked-awesome recreational sailors.  

With that goal in mind, our Sailing Apprentice Program gives a handful of young adults the opportunity to sail for a year with Sea to Sky Sailing

What is the Sailing Apprentice Program?

Sailing Apprentices are between 16 and 25 years old.  They join our programs for at least 20 days throughout the year in order to learn from our instructors while being an active, helpful member of the crew.  Apprentices will learn all about navigation, safe passage planning, sail handling and trim, helming, race tactics, routine maintenance, anchoring, docking, and just about everything else there is to learn on deck.  This is hands-on education at its best!  

At the end of 2016, our Sailing Apprentices should have the mileage, practical experience and depth of knowledge necessary to pass their exam for First Mate (International Yacht Training’s Flotilla Skipper certification) and the International Certificate of Competency (ICC or international driver’s license of sailing). 

More important than the paperwork, our Apprentices will have developed strong leadership and communication skills, built confidence in their own abilities, and have become sailors

What does all that sailing experience cost?

In a world driven by profits and in a sport widely seen as elitist, it would be natural to expect this kind of program to cost a lot. There are some apprenticeship programs in Europe that charge in the realm of $10,000 Canadian. 

We want to open up the world of sailing and make it easier for younger people to participate.  So we are offering our inaugural Sailing Apprentice Program for $450.  This nominal fee helps us cover the cost of having an Apprentice on board (such as food, etc.).

Sea to Sky Sailing is the only business to offer this kind of experience to young adults in Vancouver.  While there are some other great sailing programs for young adults, we seem to be the only ones offering an Apprenticeship on modern yachts in all of Canada! 

We are aiming to finalize Apprentice selections by early January.  To get involved, please read the full details of the Sailing Apprentice Program here.   Then contact us to get started on the best year of your life (so far)!