We have more than a mild craving for adventure...

In fact, we happen to be one of Vancouver's top adventure travel companies!  We know that everyone has that spark of curiosity, that desire to experience the world around them in new and exciting ways.  We know sailing can scratch that itch.


From your first day setting foot on a boat, to your first ocean race or long distance cruise, we are committed to providing you with every opportunity to learn, explore and escape the ordinary. We are the only Royal Yachting Association recognized training centre on the west coast of North America, and as such we take your sailing education seriously!


We are here to guide and encourage you every nautical mile of the way, no matter how far or fast you want to sail. 

Sea to Sky Sailing is based at the mouth of Howe Sound, a stunning fjord connecting Vancouver to the Whistler and Squamish area.  We're right in Vancouver's backyard but as soon as we hit the water it feels like we're a million miles away from the bustle of the city.  The Sea to Sky corridor offers instant access to truly spectacular scenery, great sailing conditions and endless surprises.

We focus on building a team out of every crew that joins us, creating a great environment where fun, safety and truly awesome experiences are all found in equal measure.  We have some students join us in groups but most come to our programs on their own.  All leave with new friends, new stories, and new skills.  

All you have to do is say YES to adventure!

Sailing can be a high adrenaline sport, a relaxing leisure activity, an escape from regular life, an unforgettable family vacation, a means of transportation, or the greatest adventure of your life.  But getting started can be intimidating.

Sea to Sky Sailing aims to help you get started easily, no matter what direction you want to go:

We offer an entry point into the sailing world, introducing you to the friendly, fun community of sailors so you can build new friendships, a new network and stay involved in the sport long after you finish your training courses.

We are the only sailing school in Vancouver to offer high quality training programs for both cruising and racing, giving you a chance to try out different ways of getting involved in the sport.

We offer Royal Yachting Association courses for beginners through to Yachtmasters- so you can learn in beautiful BC and take those skills with you on sailing adventures anywhere in the world. 

We have a special focus on bridging the gap between dinghy sailing and 'big boat' sailing, helping keen young dinghy sailors stay involved once they've 'aged out' of popular youth programs.

We have a unique apprenticeship program to give young adults the opportunity to maximize their time on the water and build sailing skills without breaking the bank.

We offer discounts on every course and every adventure for young adults ages 16-25 to make it easier for you to get started.  

Upon request, we can offer courses and sailing adventures for your family, for all women or for any other group of people who want to sail together in a great atmosphere tailored specifically to them.  We also offer private coaching on your own boat and yacht delivery services.

Contact us to get started